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  • Reservations Booking
    Guests can make reservations through the main reservation WHATSAPP, branch WHATSAPP and telephone, INSTAGRAM DM, FACEBOOK DM or website. You can make appointment anytime anywhere via whatsapp, phone call, message on Facebook or Instagram and Website.
  • Age & Gender Age & Gender
    Only guests over the age of 18 are welcome, both male and female. All over 18 are welcomed.
  • Late & Cancellation Late & Cancellation
    In order to ensure that we have sufficient time to prepare, please arrive at the center 15 minutes before the appointment to provide sufficient time for enjoyment and treatment, so as to avoid affecting other customers' enjoyment of the treatment. To maintain the service interests of each customer, please notify at least 6 hours or one day in advance to cancel the appointment. You are advised to arrive our center 15mins before the treatment time, it will be so much appreciated. To cancel the booking, please contact us at least 6 hours earlier or 1 day earlier, you could be beneficial from it as we will annouce the seat available day before everyday.
  • Health Declaration
    If guests have any physical discomfort, allergies or serious health conditions, they need to inform them before the treatment to avoid any treatment that may induce pain and damage. To avoid any misunderstanding, you need to inform us if you have any physical discomfort, allergies or serious health conditions, before the treatment.
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Refund Refund Policy
    Once confirmed and paid, no refund will be given. Service are not refundable.
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